Children’s Dentist In Chelsea, London

If you need a Paediatric Dentist, book an appointment at our Chelsea dental clinic for very personal service and dedicated care for your child.

Paediatric Dentist

Our Paediatric Dentist at The Wellington Clinic is kind and gentle. The children love to come and see our Paediatric Dentist, and we make every effort to ensure your child enjoys every visit.

If you’re looking for a dentist for children in London, we can help. Your child will receive expert care and advice along with a friendly face and big smile, and we hope your child leaves with a big smile too.

We provide a relaxing environment with a friendly team and in-chair entertainment for your child. In addition, we talk to your child and help them understand their care. Our London team go above and beyond to make a trip to the dentist enjoyable instead of scary.

The Wellington Clinic also offers children’s emergency dentist appointments if required. If your child suffers a fall or has a toothache, we can help put things right.


  • What does a paediatric dentist do?

    Our paediatric dentist has a special interest in children’s dentistry. Children and young people have different needs, so it makes sense to visit a dentist with expert knowledge.

    A children’s dentist can help your child to develop healthy habits for life. A paediatric dentist will monitor your child’s oral health and offer advice and support to help them care for their teeth.

    A paediatric dentist can also help to identify if a child is likely to need braces and provide early intervention.

  • Why should my child see a Paediatric Dentist?

    A Paediatric Dentist studies dentistry for five years. After that, they study children’s specific dentistry for a further three years.

    A Paediatric Dentist has a minimum of three years of additional knowledge about children’s teeth, their jaw and dental development and the best treatments for their teeth.

  • Is paediatric dentistry different?

    Baby teeth are very different to adult teeth and therefore require different treatments and a different approach to treatment.

    It is important this has been taken into consideration before treatment is provided. Our Paediatric Dentist at our Chelsea dental clinic in London ensures your child is comfortable and happy through the treatment.

    Our Paediatric Dentist uses the latest techniques and materials to provide the best care for your child. Our Paediatric Dentist also works closely with our Orthodontist.

  • At what age should a child begin to see a paediatric dentist?

    We recommend children start to see a dentist every six months from the moment their first teeth emerge. It might seem very young, but this is one of the best ways to ensure a child does not develop a fear of the dentist.

    By introducing children to the dentist from a young age, we can also identify potential developmental problems and offer advice on teething, thumb-sucking and diet.

Orthodontic treatment in London

Developmental issues are identified early by our Paediatric Dentist, and when necessary Interceptive Orthodontics is used to make sure the developmental issues do not continue and complicate things further.

With early diagnosis of developmental issues, we can make sure your child never needs complicated orthodontic treatment.

By choosing a dentist for children in London, you’ll have access to the latest care and preventative treatments to protect your child’s oral health.

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