Invisalign Lite in Chelsea, London

The Wellington Clinic is proud to offer Invisalign Lite in London. This revolutionary orthodontic treatment delivers incredible results fast.


Invisalign Lite is great for those with busy lives who want to straighten their teeth discreetly without it impacting their lives. The clear plastic aligners fit in around your lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy your favourite food and drink without worrying about your braces.

If you’re looking for Invisalign Lite in London, our expert Chelsea dentists at The Wellington Clinic can help you access the orthodontic treatments you’re looking for without the wait.


  • How does Invisalign Lite work?

    Invisalign Lite provides you with 14 Invisalign aligners made from a patented SmartTrack material that aligns your teeth to the desired result. The laser-cut aligners fit your teeth and gums perfectly, ensuring the treatment is comfortable and practical.

    Each aligner moves your teeth a little closer to perfect alignment. As you move through the treatment plan, your teeth will become straighter and perfectly aligned. Since you change aligners at home, this means 40% fever dental visits than with traditional fixed braces.

    Before treatment begins, we’ll use 3D scanning and AI technology to predict the results you can expect to achieve. Seeing the results before you even get started is an excellent way to stay motivated and on track with treatment.

  • What can Invisalign Lite treat?

    Invisalign Lite is perfect for moderate crowding, gaps and other alignment issues. It can even improve bite problems and other issues. Invisalign Lite treatments take around six months to complete, but this can be quicker or slightly longer, depending on your case.

    If you aren’t a candidate for Invisalign Lite, don’t worry. We offer a range of orthodontic treatments in London. From traditional fixed braces to hidden lingual braces, we can help you find the orthodontic treatment plan for your needs.

  • Why is Invisalign Lite different?

    There are a few key differences in the Invisalign Lite treatment plan. Unlike traditional metal braces, this transparent orthodontic treatment allows patients to eat whatever they like.

    The nearly invisible aligners are discreet, so you can smile confidently at work or in social settings without worrying about everyone seeing your braces. Take selfies to your heart’s content; your secret is safe with us!

    Invisalign Lite is also much faster than many orthodontic treatment plans. By focusing on the teeth that are visible when you smile, you can achieve faster results without lengthy treatment times. To put this in perspective, traditional orthodontics could take up to two years. Invisalign can get results in as little as six months.

    This treatment is ideal for people who want to keep their smile looking great but don’t have the time to commit to wearing traditional metal braces every day for years on end. Plus, it’s much less invasive than other orthodontic options with faster results.

    Invisalign Lite is ideal for those on a budget, those who want to see results fast, and those on a deadline. So, if you’re getting married and want perfect teeth in time for your ceremony, this could be the treatment option for you.

  • Invisalign Lite vs Invisalign Full

    Invisalign Lite is designed for treating minor orthodontic conditions and concerns, whereas Invisalign Full is designed for treating more severe orthodontic issues.

    These can include gappy, crooked or overlapping teeth.

    Invisalign Full will require a longer treatment plan than Invisalign Lite.

  • What are the benefits of Invisalign?

    There are a whole host of different benefits associated with Invisalign when compared to traditional fixed braces.

    Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are clear and removable. No-one will guess that you’re actually straightening your teeth, and you can remove them whenever you want. Since Invisalign Lite comes without wires or metal brackets your mouth will get less irritated too.

    Each aligner is customised to each individual and they will carefully move your teeth as per your personal treatment plan.

  • Are there any limitations with Invisalign Lite?

    Unlike traditional fixed braces, Invisalign Lite does not impose any limitations on your lifestyle. For example, you can eat and drink your favourite foods because you remove the aligners at mealtimes. You can also remove your aligners to brush your teeth, which makes caring for your oral health much easier than with fixed braces.

    We recommend only drinking water while wearing your aligners. Hot drinks may warp your aligners, so they are best avoided.

    To find out if Invisalign Lite is right for you, book an appointment today to see Specialist Orthodontist Dr Stephanie Oiknine. We will explore all treatment options to ensure you are delighted with your treatment plan.

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