Bone Grafts For Dental Implants In Chelsea, London

Bone grafts for dental implants is a procedure we offer at our dental clinic in Chelsea. There may not be sufficient bone left in your mouth to support a dental bridge. This is more commonly the case if a tooth was removed a long time before a dental bridge is placed.

Bone Graft Services

  • Socket Preservation Bone Graft & Atraumatic Tooth Extraction

    If you need to have a tooth removed and are considering dental implants, we take the time and effort to remove your teeth with minimal or no disruption to the surrounding bone. We like to preserve and support all the surrounding bone in order to create better support for your future implant.

    A Socket Preservation Bone Graft can also be provided on the day of tooth removal. The bone graft material is placed in the empty socket that remains after tooth extraction to help preserve bone volume and architecture until your implant placement.

  • Guided Bone Regeneration

    This is a very quick and simple procedure carried out on the same day as the implant placement. The bone is placed around the implant at the time of surgery and used to create a more aesthetic contour at the gum line as well as better long term support for your implant.

  • Sinus Grafting

    This procedure is also known as a ‘Sinus Lift’. The maxillary sinus’ are hollow spaces that are located behind your cheeks above the roots of your upper back teeth. Occasionally when upper back teeth have been removed a long time before implant placement the sinus’ can drop down into the space where the root used to be. To place an implant at such a site would require the sinus to be lifted back into its original position and to be held there using a bone substitute. This can be done either by an Internal Sinus Lift or a Lateral Sinus Lift.

  • Internal Sinus Lift/Bone Graft

    If there is sufficient bone for Implant stabilisation, an Internal Sinus Lift can be provided at the same time as Implant Placement. Once the site for the implant has been created, the sinus is accessed through the same site and the sinus is lifted and bone graft materials placed without further bone disturbance. This is a very simple and quick procedure avoiding more complex surgery.

  • Lateral Sinus Lift/ Bone Graft

    Sometimes a Lateral Sinus Lift is required and for this procedure a small access point is created in the wall where the upper back teeth used to be. The sinus membrane is exposed and lifted and the bone graft material is placed to hold it in its newly lifted position. For this procedure some time is required to allow good healing before the implant is placed.

  • Ridge Split Bone Grafting

    This procedure is performed when the ridge (where the teeth once sat) is too narrow for an implant. Sufficient ridge height is required for this procedure and in such circumstances bone graft material is placed in the ridge to create an expanded ridge for implant placement.

  • Onlay Cortical Bone Graft

    An Onlay Cortical Bone Graft is performed in cases with more severe bone loss. For this type of Bone Graft a small block of bone is removed from the chin or the area behind the lower wisdom teeth and it is screwed to the future implant site. Once this area has healed an implant can be placed having the bone support required.

  • Bone Grafting Materials

    For your bone graft we can use a number of bone substitutes.

    We can use your own bone from another site or sometimes we can retrieve the bone from the hole created for the implant. We can use bone from animal derivatives or bone that is made synthetically. We can discuss these options with you and choose the one that is right for you.

The Wellington Clinic

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