Same Day Crowns In Chelsea, London

Why wait 2 weeks for your ceramic restorations when you can have them made on the same day.

Same day dentistry

Same day dentistry avoids the need for messy impressions, temporaries that could fall off and increased tooth sensitivity. With our Chelsea dentists, all ceramic restorations including fillings, veneers and crowns can be made on the same day with the latest technology. This is the future of dentistry.

With the latest and most accurate scanner on the market we can take a 3D image scan of your teeth while you relax and watch your teeth emerge on the screen in front of you.

Your teeth can then be recreated to their ideal form using very intelligent bio-engineering software and computer aided design.

The design is then digitally transmitted to our same day dental lab. Your new same day ceramic crown or same day inlay is then digitally created from super strength highly aesthetic ceramic.

The same day ceramic crown, inlay or onlay is then seamlessly bonded to your tooth for long term results. Same day ceramic crowns / inlays are not only perfectly sealed but they are magnificently beautiful and have properties most similar to original tooth thereby lasting harmoniously within the mouth.

A 5 year guarantee is provided for all crowns, veneers and inlays.*

* Terms and conditions apply.

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