Private Dental Clinic in Chelsea, London

A leading private Chelsea dental clinic, located on Kings Road in London, providing; general, cosmetic, implant, orthodontic, periodontic and endodontic dentistry.
We specialise in a range of dental treatments to cater to your dental health needs.

Experienced Chelsea Dentists

Our experienced Chelsea dentists use advanced dentistry techniques and the latest dental technology to provide the highest quality of dental care available.
Our commitment to high-level private dentistry ensures that you receive the best dental treatments available.

Emergency Private Dentist Appointments

Emergencies can be daunting, but with our dedicated emergency private dentist in Chelsea, you’re in safe hands. We understand the importance of dental health, especially in emergencies. We also have an emergency private dentist in Chelsea available in London – we will always try to see you the same day or within 24 hours. Whether it’s a sudden ache, a lost filling, or any other urgent dental treatment need, our team is here to assist.

Chelsea Dental Team

Dr Nicholas Goodacre

Dr Nicholas Goodacre

Implant Dentist
Dr Marjan Goodacre

Dr Marjan Goodacre

Cosmetic Dentist / Facial Aesthetics
Dr Karina Kowalski

Dr Karina Kowalski

General & Cosmetic Dentist
Dr Aram Navai

Dr Aram Navai

Specialist Endodontist
Dr Stephanie Oiknine

Dr Stephanie Oiknine

Specialist Orthodontist
Miss Francesca De Rosa

Miss Francesca De Rosa

Orthodontist Therapist
Kishan Patel

Kishan Patel

Dental Therapist
Miss Sarah Urquhart

Miss Sarah Urquhart

Dental Hygienist

Our Services

General & Specialist Dentistry

Award-winning private Chelsea dentists, in the heart of London.

The Wellington Clinic offers a complete dental service, from preventative care and hygiene to restorative and cosmetic dentistry and implant surgery.

Our focus on private dentistry ensures that you get the best dental health care tailored to your needs.

Highly Experienced Specialists

We have specialists in orthodontics, endodontics and implant surgery as well as highly experienced cosmetic and general dentists.

You will have access to all the latest technology from digital intraoral scans (no need for impressions), digital x-rays as well as microscopes and our in house dental lab.

Teeth whitening at our Chelsea clinic is one of the most effective and affordable treatments in dentistry.

You can choose between in-clinic teeth whitening in Chelsea, home teeth whitening or a combination of both.

Our cosmetic dentist in Chelsea will take about an hour to whiten your teeth. During the procedure, you can relax in a chair and watch a movie or listen to music and await instant results.

You’ll leave our Chelsea dentist practice with a dazzling white smile. 

Home Teeth Whitening

Home whitening requires a simple scan with our intraoral scanner (just like a camera) which allows us to 3D print and provide comfortable whitening trays which you can wear at home overnight or for one hour a day to achieve your desired outcome.

Dermal fillers in Chelsea are an incredibly popular way to maintain your looks.

We provide everything from regenerative treatments to improve skin quality and volume through to improvements or mini facelifts using dermal fillers.

Book A Consultation

Click here to get to the Chelsea booking portal.

All non-surgical facial treatments are available.

Start with a full face assessment and consultation to identify the correct treatments for you.

Our face clinic in Chelsea provides a bespoke treatment plan to help restore, improve, and maintain healthy skin including treatments for problem skin that keeps it looking great now and for the future.

What our dental patients say

The Wellington Clinic
Based on 54 reviews
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Suzy Karger
Suzy Karger
16:12 15 May 21
Excellent practice that I highly recommend to anyone - both adults and children alike.
Mary Brooke Dreux
Mary Brooke Dreux
08:20 19 Aug 20
I went for my first cleaning yesterday with Ciara Dempsey, because the reviews I read online were very positive. I can affirm that they were not exaggerated: she was lovely and professional, the office was immaculate, and most importantly, my teeth are squeaky clean now.
Rachael Louise
Rachael Louise
12:32 16 Jun 20
I had an excellent experience with Dr Nicholas Goodacre. He is very patient and takes time to explain the treatment. I also found Nikki on reception to be very helpful; she responded almost immediately to my enquiry and offered me an appointment the next day. I would highly recommend this clinic.
Laura Wright
Laura Wright
11:18 20 Apr 20
With extreme wisdom pain in lockdown and unable to get in touch with over 20 dentist practices finally I found the Wellington Clinic! The receptionist who answered the phone was kind and understanding, she suggested I set up a free telephone appointment through their online system - 30 minutes later I spoke to Dr Nick. He who called me, explained the problems I was having and how to address them. I will definitely be visiting Dr Nick post... lockdown!read more
Laura Kealy
Laura Kealy
11:56 14 Feb 20
I generally hate the dentist due a traumatic childhood incident, but Ciara put me at ease and made the whole experience stress free for me. The staff are incredibly professional and welcoming. Will certainly be back, thank you!!
Bernie Durkan
Bernie Durkan
15:58 26 Jan 20
I recently had an appointment with Ciara and thought she was very knowledgeable. She really put me at ease and explained everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend.
Ana Maria
Ana Maria
11:07 22 Jul 19
Best clinic in London. Great location, friendly staff, outstanding dentists and excellent work ethic. Would definitely recommend anyone to go to this clinic as it doesn't make you feel like you're in a dental practice, but rather in a classy building where you're the protagonist of the event from start to finish. Fancy a coffee, water, a break, a toothbrush, etc? They have it all.
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Dental implants in London using only the most highly regarded implants with leading-edge technology for guided implant placement. 3D optical scanning technology with 3D x-ray technology allows ideal dental implant positioning for your new tooth.

Implants Without Bone Grafts

Our Chelsea Dental Clinic provides minimally invasive procedures allowing a return to work the same or the next day. Told you can’t have implants? Our implantologist can place implants in minimal bone avoiding the need for bone grafts.

Root canal treatment at our Chelsea Endodontic clinic in London is performed by our resident Specialist Endodontist Dr Aram Navai. Toothache or infection can be resolved quickly.

Exceptional Treatment And Results

Treatments at our Chelsea dental clinic are usually completed in one visit using an operating microscope to ensure exceptional results. Complex treatments including replacing old or failed root canal treatments as well as removing posts and fractured instruments are undertaken.

You may be referred by your general dentist or book directly.

Our children’s dental clinic in Chelsea is a relaxed and unrushed environment where we make sure every visit is enjoyable and fun. Regular children’s check-ups from a young age help prevent dental decay from developing.

We know that finding a family dentist in Chelsea isn’t easy, so we’ve made the process as simple as possible for parents.

Consistent Dental Care

Oral health and hygiene, tooth development and alignment are checked and discussed at every examination to provide consistent dental care.

With a Specialist Orthodontist for children issues recognised in early childhood can be more easily corrected as your child grows.

Specialist Orthodontics

Our Specialist Orthodontist Dr Stephanie Oiknine is an expert in all types of braces. From traditional to invisible, for both adults and children. We utilise advanced techniques to bring you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time at an affordable price..

Invisalign Treatments

Invisalign is now the treatment of choice for most adults and is also available for children and teenagers as well. Invisalign First for children aged 6-10, Invisalign Teen and Invisalign are all available in our Chelsea Orthodontic Clinic in London.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentists in Chelsea use only the best techniques for smile makeovers including teeth whitening, composite bonding, straightening, veneers, crowns, bridges, and cosmetic dentures, all available at our dental clinic in London. If you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry in Chelsea, look no further.

Smile Makeovers And Design

Smile makeovers or smile design using detailed planning and innovative techniques enhances your smile whilst preserving healthy teeth. Digital photography and digital 3D scanning of your teeth allow smile designs to be approved by you before any treatment starts.

Same Day Digital Dentistry

Our Chelsea dental in-house ceramic studio allows us to create all-ceramic restorations including inlays (fillings), onlays and crowns on the same day.

Using an intraoral scanner, we create a digital color model of your teeth.

Hand Finished On Site

You can choose to wait or take a stroll on King’s Road whilst your all-ceramic tooth coloured restoration is designed and milled and hand-finished on site.

This is bonded to reconstruct your tooth to look natural and be as strong as possible.

Multi-Award Winning Private Dental Practice in London

When it comes to choosing the best dentist in London, we know there are no shortage of options. But we’re proud to stand out from the crowd thanks to our dedicated team of welcoming and professional staff.

You can feel the Wellington Clinic difference as soon as you arrive at our practice. You’ll receive a completely personal experience from the minute you’re greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable receptionists, to the time we wave goodbye at the door.

At The Wellington Clinic, we put our patients first, to deliver award winning care from the comfort of our renovated Grade II private dental practice in London. Our expert team of dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, and implant specialists take the time to explain all of your options and answer any questions you may have. They will work with you, and the rest of the dental team at the clinic, to draw up a customised treatment plan that’s focused on achieving your goal, whether that’s whiter teeth or a straighter smile. All of our crowns, bridges, veneers and other lab work also comes with a 5 year guarantee. 

We offer 0% finance options on request, making us one of the most flexible and cost effective private dentists in London.

Chelsea Dentist FAQs

We’ve been established as a trusted Chelsea dental clinic for over 15 years. Chelsea is a great area to be located in and we’re the largest privately-owned dental clinic in Chelsea.

The Wellington Clinic is a multidisciplinary practice with many different dental specialists. Our team consists of general, aesthetic, cosmetic and implant dentists. 

We also have hygienists, a specialist orthodontist and a specialist endodontist at our clinic. If you’re looking for any kind of private dentist in Chelsea, The Wellington Clinic can cater to your needs.

The improvements in dental technology have taken a massive leap forward in the last few years. We’ve used digital dentistry in the practice since it opened over 12 years ago. This is just one of the reasons our Chelsea cosmetic dentistry service is so popular.

One example of dental technology that we use in our services is intraoral scanning. An intraoral scanner is a device that records and displays a 3D image of a patient’s teeth. We no longer take impressions/moulds of the teeth with the usual gunky material! 

Patients can then view a digital image of their teeth on a screen. This makes it much easier to explain to patients what treatment they need to have done or highlight any problems. 

We’ve found that using technology like this makes patients feel much more comfortable and makes many dental processes quicker and more accurate.

Tooth decay is caused by acids produced by bacteria. Tooth decay is the softening of enamel, and this occurs when sugar breaks down in your mouth. This softening of enamel can result in a damaged tooth structure.

If left untreated, tooth decay can lead to cavities in the teeth, which if left untreated – will continue to expand. Tooth decay will require treatment. This treatment could be a filling, root canal or even an extraction – depending on how badly damaged the teeth are.

Gum disease (otherwise known as periodontal disease) is when the gums become red and inflamed. This is caused by bacterial growth in your mouth, which can also cause plaque and decay. If not treated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and tissue damage.

These are some of the signs that you may need a root canal:

  • Serious pain in the tooth when you apply pressure or while you are eating
  • Tenderness or swelling in the gums
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Sensitivity and pain to the hot and the cold
  • A bump on the gums near to the painful area

If you have any of these symptoms, you are strongly urged to see a dentist as soon as possible.

We recognise that problems with your teeth can happen without warning. We offer a few emergency dental appointments per day with an emergency dentist in Chelsea. We will aim to see all emergency appointments on the same day, or within 24 hours.

If you’re looking for a new dentist in Chelsea, we are currently accepting new patients. To become a patient, simply head to our contact page. You can book an appointment with our Chelsea dental practice and register as a patient.

Regular check-ups are essential for your dental health, and we would recommend that you see your dentist once every six months. A check-up should take around 30 minutes and this will allow the dentist to track your progress and detect any issues with tooth decay.

A good oral hygiene routine – including brushing twice a day and flossing – can help prevent tooth decay. Six-monthly check ups will also help improve your overall dental hygiene.

Yes, gum disease can be treated if discovered early enough. This all depends on the severity of the case – in severe cases, the tooth might have to be removed, while in most cases you may just need to have a more involved clean – known as periodontal treatment.

The Wellington Clinic

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