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Many children and teenagers need braces for a wide variety of reasons. If you’re looking for expert orthodontics for kids in Chelsea, we can help at The Wellington Clinic.


Our team of Chelsea dentists are friendly and we provide a relaxing in-chair experience, ensuring that your child feels comfortable throughout their orthodontic care.

We go above and beyond to make sure that your child doesn’t feel scared throughout the appointments, and we’ll talk them through the process making sure that they understand every aspect of braces care.

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments for both children and teenagers. Our specialist orthodontist trained as a dentist first and then studied for an additional three years specialising in orthodontics, so your children’s teeth are guaranteed to be in safe hands.

When should my child see an orthodontist?

Your child can begin orthodontics whenever your dentist or orthodontist feels it is necessary. It is important to identify problems with the developing dentition early and to treat these before they turn into complicated issues.

With some of these dental procedures, early intervention is key. These may sometimes need to be treated as young as 7 years old. If however, the dentist or orthodontist doesn’t find any dental problems that need treating early then you could wait until around 12 years old.

You can either come to us directly or be referred to our specialist orthodontist by your regular dentist. Alternatively, you could simply book in directly with our specialist orthodontist for an examination and consultation.

Some of our treatments are specifically designed for children under 18.

What are some signs that my child may need braces?

There are a couple of things to watch out for that could indicate that your child might need braces. If your child’s baby teeth fall out early or late, this could be an indication that your child’s adult teeth might grow crooked.

Equally, thumb sucking can also indicate that your child’s front teeth may need to be straightened in the future – particularly if the habit continues from six onwards.

If when your child bites down and you notice that there is a gap between their upper and lower teeth or their teeth protrude too far, this is another indication that orthodontic work is required.

Finally watch out for if your child experiences any difficulties chewing. Maybe they bite the roof of their mouth or their cheek more than they should. One thing to particularly pay attention to is whether their jawbone shifts or makes a noise when they open and close their mouth.

How can I arrange [orthodontic treatment](/orthodontist-london/) for my child?

Typically, your general dentist will refer your child to specialist dental clinics. You can also book directly with our orthodontist without a referral.

An orthodontist is a specialised dental practitioner who has lots of experience in straightening children’s permanent teeth. At your child’s first visit to the orthodontist, we’ll assess your child’s misaligned teeth and then the children’s orthodontist will create a treatment plan for them.

Our kids’ orthodontist will guide you through the different treatment options and which ones would be the best for your child.

You will be made aware of the risks and benefits of the treatment, and we’ll let you know if your child needs any teeth removed and how long the treatment will last.


  • Can my child receive private orthodontic care?

    Private orthodontic care allows your child to bypass the NHS waiting lists and NHS requirements and will let your child access the treatment they need sooner. There will also be a better variety of treatment options available, such as lingual braces or invisible braces.

    Contact us today to arrange an appointment with our private children’s orthodontist.

  • Can early [orthodontic treatment](/orthodontist-london/) help?

    Early treatment means that your child is unlikely to need to undergo any extreme treatments later in life.

    There is no best age for a child to get braces, but the earlier the problem is noticed and the earlier the child starts treatment, the quicker and easier the teeth can be guided into their correct alignment. This can be as young as 7 years old.

  • Are there different kinds of braces available?

    We can correct crooked teeth with a wide array of braces. The variety that you’ll probably be more familiar with is the traditional fixed braces. They can be manufactured out of a wide range of different materials from silver-coloured stainless steel, tooth coloured ceramic or plastic.

    Traditionally, braces are typically applied on the outside of the teeth – on both the lower and upper teeth – but we can offer other brace options – such as lingual braces – to fit the braces from the inside then no one can see them at all. Sometimes, we might use rubber bands to provide better alignment.

    Treatments such as Invisalign are aligners. Aligners are removable trays that will gently move your child’s teeth into the right position over time. Aligners such as Invisalign have the added bonus of being more discreet than traditional braces. Our orthodontist has had advanced extensive training using specialised Invisalign children’s aligners to align the most complicated teeth in children.

  • Why should you choose a specialist orthodontist?

    You should work with a specialist children’s orthodontist when your child needs to have their teeth straightened. These medical practitioners have more training and experience and can provide treatments such as Invisalign.

    When looking for orthodontics for children, we would always recommend making an appointment with a specialist, as many of our patients have found that the treatment with a specialist is far more advanced, quicker and they finish the course of treatment much sooner too.

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