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Book in for a full face assessment and consultation to identify areas that can be improved. Receive a treatment plan created just for you to achieve beautiful healthy skin that not only looks great, but is healthy and prevents future issues.

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Dr Marjan Goodacre will talk to you about the causes of any changes you have seen in your face, whether it be skin creases, wrinkles, pigmentation, break-outs, hollow areas, loss of support and structure to your face or maybe particular scars or marks that you may be concerned about. Dr Marjan Goodacre will inform you of treatment options and which options would be most suited to your condition. A treatment plan will be created for your individual needs and long term goals.

  • Prevent

    Dr Marjan Goodacre will discuss with you the important steps you need to be taking to prevent acceleration of the aging process and deterioration of healthy skin and the types of products you should be using and when. If appropriate Botox may be prescribed to prevent further creasing of the skin.

  • Regenerate

    Dr Marjan Goodacre will discuss with you the steps needed to encourage healthy skin regeneration. Damaged skin cells can be re-trained to function normally resulting in skin that looks and acts younger and healthier. The skin can also be triggered to initiate the skin healing cycle to encourage healthy skin cells. Dr Marjan Goodacre will create a plan to improve the health and quality of the skin; improving pigmentation, acne, fine lines, open pores, texture and brightness.

  • Restore

    Dr Marjan Goodacre will then discuss the treatment options available to you to rejuvenate and restore your skin and face. Areas of volume loss can be restored and the structural support reinstated using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. If you then wish to enhance certain areas further these can be discussed and arranged.

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We are a private clinic in London offering botox, dermal fillers, profhilo, PRP / iPRF, dermaroller microneedling, peels and topical skin treatments. Make an appointment with Dr Marjan Goodacre for a full face and skin assessment and consultation.

To find out more, or to book an appointment at our cosmetic and dental clinic in Chelsea, call 020 7148 7148, email info@thewellingtonclinic.com, send us a message using the below contact form or book online.

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