Juvéderm® In Chelsea, London

Dermal fillers are used to restore lost volume, to help lift out lines and wrinkles, provide support and improve facial features and contours. We are a leading supplier of Juvéderm® in Chelsea and patients turn to us time and time again to help achieve their aesthetic goals.

Why we love Juvéderm® dermal fillers

There are many brands of dermal filler on the market. At The Wellington Clinic, we have carefully selected to work primarily with the Juvéderm® filler Vycross range. We can use other products; however, on this page, we will explain why we choose Juvéderm® Vycross.

Juvéderm® dermal fillers are manufactured by Allergan. Allergan is a global pharmaceutical company that pioneered medical aesthetics. Their products have had many years of perfecting, making them not only safe but having advanced technology that makes them smooth, integrating with the facial tissues and thereby looking natural.

Juvéderm® fillers are fully FDA and MHRA approved, meaning they have been approved by the official governing bodies to confirm their safety. Not all dermal fillers have these approvals.

Juvéderm® originally created an Ultra Range which was great when dermal fillers had just been developed. They have since advanced their products even further and developed the Vycross Range. When looking for a Juvéderm® filler in Chelsea, Vycross is the gold standard of dermal fillers.

How do Juvéderm® fillers work?

Juvéderm® Vycross contains hyaluronic acid, which naturally exists in our skin. As we get older the quantity of hyaluronic acid in the skin diminishes, resulting in a loss of volume and elasticity.

Replacing and restoring this lost volume with a hyaluronic acid filler is as natural as we can get. Juvéderm® fillers provide natural and beautiful looking results. Whether you are seeking a subtle lift of a dramatic transformation, we will explore all options to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Since Juvéderm® dermal fillers are made from naturally occurring substances, our bodies will break down and metabolise the material naturally over time. This means there is no need to dissolve the Juvéderm® dermal fillers. There is also a much lower risk of adverse reaction or sensitivity. We offer a safe and compliant environment for you to enjoy your dermal fillers experience.


  • Why choose Juvéderm® Vycross

    Juvéderm® Vycross is a beautiful product. It has an exceptionally smooth consistency which allows it to integrate with your skin seamlessly. It helps to smooth away lines and wrinkles and provides a great lift to the skin. Juvéderm® Vycross causes minimal irritation and swelling. Juvéderm® Vycross also lasts longer.

  • How long does Juvéderm® last?

    The effects of Juvéderm® are not permanent, and typically last 12 to 18 months. How long your fillers last is also dependent on the treatment area, the filler type.

Create your dream pout with Juvéderm® lip fillers

Juvéderm® is not only used as a dermal filler for the face and neck; it’s also ideal for sculpting the lips. We use Juvéderm® Volbella to create your dream pout. Juvéderm® lip filler’s ultra-soft material helps to plump up the volume and create definition and drama.

Juvéderm® lip fillers deliver incredible results, whether you simply want a subtle increase in volume or a dramatic transformation. We’ll help you to create the look that will make you feel most confident.

If you’re searching for a trustworthy and reliable aesthetician offering Juvéderm® in London, look no further. Our team of Chelsea dentists will take care of you every step of the way, ensuring that you understand the treatment options available to you and have realistic expectations of what we can achieve.

The Juvéderm® Vycross range has a number of dermal filler products listed below.

The Juvéderm® Vycross range


    JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® is mainly used for the delicate areas of the face such as the lips and under eye area. It is the softest of the Juvéderm® Vycross range.


    JUVÉDERM® VOLIFT® can be used in many areas of the face. It is good for lifting out folds, lines and wrinkles. It can also be used in the lips if you would like a little more support than you would get from Juvéderm® Volbella®.

    Another choice is JUVÉDERM® VOLIFT® RETOUCH which is the same product but comes in a smaller syringe so that it can be used for touch-ups.


    JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® is used mainly for areas such as the cheekbones, temples and lower face to restore volume.


    JUVÉDERM® VOLUX® is used for strengthening and defining the jaw line and chin.


    JUVÉDERM® VOLITE® is used for superficial crepe skin to help even out and smooth skin texture.


    JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE is used to hydrate and improve skin texture.

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