Gummy Smile
Before Cosmetic Dentistry

This lady complained of a gummy smile and small yellow teeth which had made her avoid smiling for the whole of her life. In this case it was necessary to change the position of the gums to allow the creation of the correct tooth length in the correct position, so at full smile she showed a normal amount of gum.

Gum lift and veneers
After Cosmetic Dentistry

Her bite was analysed and a ‘wax-up’ or prototype of her new teeth were created on a model. This allowed guided surgery to be performed, predicting the exact position of the gums and underlying bone which were recontoured to allow for the new smile to be created. 10 veneers were placed to give her, her dream smile.

Small Teeth and Gaps

This young gentleman was very conscious of his small teeth that created a gappy smile.

Minimal prep Veneers

His new smile was achieved with 10 upper and 3 lower veneers. A highly conservative approach was used in this case with minimal and in some cases no preparation to his natural teeth.

Poorly Placed Veneers

This gentleman presented with swollen bleeding gums caused by incorrectly made veneers. This prevented the gums from establishing their natural seal around the teeth and resulted in persistant gum problems for years.

Corrected veneers and bite

This was easily corrected by replacing the veneers which were designed to allow perfect gum health in combination with a greatly enhanced smile.

Tooth Wear

This lady complained of a worn and uneven smile.

Composite Bonding / Veneers
After Invisalign & Teeth Whitening

This was restored using a combination of composite bonding and composite veneers to 10 upper and 10 lower teeth.

A Broken Tooth

This young lady had trauma to her upper incisor and needed an urgent repair.

Layered Composite Bonding

Composite was used in a layering technique to recreate a natural looking tooth.

Peg Shaped Lateral Incisors

This young lady’s was concerned by her peg-shaped upper lateral incisors.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers were used to correct both the shape and proportions.

Amalagam Removal
Before New Dental Fillings

This lady requested removal of her metal amalgam fillings.

Composite Fillings
After New Fillings

They were replaced with composite fillings that achieved a natural tooth appearance.

Failing Veneers

This gentleman presented to the clinic with failing veneers. They had chipped and fractured on several teeth. This was diagnosed as an incorrect bite created by his old veneers and he had a tendency to grind his teeth.

Ceramic Veneers

The veneers were replaced with careful analysis of his bite so that the new veneers would achieve a natural bite, preventing his veneers from fracturing and helping to reduce his grinding habit.